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Hello Officer is a fresh, vibrant hiring campaign strategically branded and marketed to bring talented recruits to the Lancaster County Department of Corrections in the Lincoln, Nebraska greater area.


The Challenge

We were retained to create a recruitment campaign that would attract men and women from diverse backgrounds to a career path that is surrounded by misperceptions. Specifically, the Lancaster County Department of Corrections was often confused with the State Penitentiary. Also, the public perception was misconstrued by what people see on TV or snippets they read on the news.


The Solution

The Lancaster County Department of Corrections needed to create its own identity – one that was true to the good work that they are doing and that reflected the vibrant culture that they have worked consistently to create.

In addition to a solid brand identity, we crafted a campaign that aimed to attract “Office Workers” aka current professionals to say Goodbye to their office and Hello to being an officer. Our Campaign, “Goodbye Office, Hello Officer” was filled with bold colors, crisp photography, and energetic models who live and work as Correctional Officers.


The Outcome

Jobs were filled due to a well executed and well designed campaign. We took this campaign to billboards, Facebook, television, and to the community. We filled 67% of the openings in month two, and by month three we filled 96% of the openings.

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