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1 Year

Bold not Boring. That’s StartupLNK. When leading energetic entrepreneurs, one has to stand out in a crowd. Choosing Eleanor Creative was the perfect place to START for this brand.


The Challenge

Building a business demands the ability to pivot, adapt quickly, and persevere in the face of genuine risk. Startup entrepreneurs come to STARUP LNK for advice and resources so they can reach their goals. They needed a brand that said, We are STARTUP LNK. We are Bold, not Boring. Let’s get Started.


The Solution

As a team committed to supporting the diverse and ever-evolving network of business builders in Lincoln, STARTUP LNK’s visual identity had to speak to those demands. Its primary mark is defined by its agility rather than a static setting. Changes across every metric—size, orientation, kerning, leading—keep viewers’ eyes moving to their next target and engaged in what STARTUP LNK is doing next.


The Outcome

This new brand shatters the mold of the expected and the build out of assets gives them the tools they need to progress. The STARTUP LNK brand is charged and electric, positioned to lead the way.

“Such a smart decision! No matter what project we send their way, they come back with fresh, creative ideas. You won’t regret hiring Christine and her team to handle all your branding needs.”

Rebecca Chandler, Bluestem Health

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the Eleanor Creative team for two years, and they are simply the best! With the work they did in leading us through a complete rebrand, including a name change, and a new website, we kept them on to manage our marketing and social media needs into the future.”

Rebecca Chandler, Bluestem Health

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